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This blog is dedicated to web development and for all the techniques that are needed as a basis for it.

Topics are TYPO3 which is the best content management system (for me), HTML and CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript Libraries, MySQL the most used open source database management system, tools supporting web development best, last but not least underlying systems which build the base like Windows or Linux.

You will find tutorials, tips and tricks, snippets and comparisons.

Used language

Many posts are in English while some are in German.

I decided to do so, because TYPO3 is well-known in Germany but not sufficient documented in the English speaking part of world.

On the other side I surely will write some articles which shall treat more strategic points of web development. These ones shall be more challenging for my English knowledge. Therefor I will wrote them in German. My Twitter account is also hold in German.

I know that combining both languages could cause some irritation, but the separation of both language parts in different web projects seems not efficient for me.


Please comment this decision or statements in my posts with your thoughts. If you have some questions to the shown solutions please don’t hesitate to put your questions in one comment.

Professional help

You can get professional help by sending me a request via e-mail erdal [dot] goek [at] webcan [dot] de or calling me: +49 (0) 69 30060830.

7 Gedanken zu „Web development, TYPO3

  1. Adrian @ it support sydney

    This came up on google and I took a peak at some other posts. I just stuck you in to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. I’ll be around!

  2. Pratik Mehta

    Hello Erdal,
    I got this kinds of error : Cannot find tslib/. Please set path by defining $configured_tslib_path in index.php.

    Could you please let u know how to solved it ?
    with some steps because i am really stuck on it.


  3. Erdal

    Hi Pratik,
    exactly where are you? Is it a new installation? Which TYPO3 version on which system?

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