render html output in frontend with doctype html5

If you want that TYPO3 renders the html output in frontend as html5, you have to change the doctype directive.

Put this in the global TYPOSCRIPT setup

config.doctype = html_5

This is valid since TYPO3 version 4.4.

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Über Erdal Gök

Erdal Gök is a web consultant. He works since 1996 as a webworker and is self-employed since 2004. His main skills starts from building concepts for web-projects over designing and implemanting web-frameworks like TYPO3 or creating frontend templates on HTML / CSS or getting interactivity with Javascript.

2 thoughts on “render html output in frontend with doctype html5

  1. Thorsten

    The correct doctype for HTML5 is “html5″ without the underscore. The html_5 declaration is deprecated.

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