What are TYPO3 preconfigured distributions

Preconfigured distributions or simpler distributions are a kind of TYPO3 extensions which allow you to get started easier.
In the beginning such packages weren’t included in TYPO3, so many people installed the CMS but were then left alone don’t knowing how to go on.

Error message you get

„Oops, an error occurred!“

Oops, an error occurred!

„No pages are found on the rootlevel!“

No pages are found on the rootlevel

Or „No TypoScript template found!“

Which TYPO3 preconfigured distributions exists

  • The official Introduction Package
  • Government Package
  • FluidTYPO3 site kickstarter
  • Bootstrap Kickstart Package
  • Aimeos web shop distribution
  • Speciality Distribution
  • MOOX Template Light
  • Calendar Base Introduction Package
  • t3onepage
  • The dotpulse Kickstart Package

How to install

You either download them while installing TYPO3 or can implement them within the module „Extensions“.

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Über Erdal Gök

Erdal Gök is a web consultant. He works since 1996 as a webworker and is self-employed since 2004. His main skills starts from building concepts for web-projects over designing and implemanting web-frameworks like TYPO3 or creating frontend templates on HTML / CSS or getting interactivity with Javascript.

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