Include typoscript external file

If you want to include typoscript which is written in external files, write this in your template part:

<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE: fileadmin/filename.ts">
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Erdal Gök is a web consultant. He works since 1996 as a webworker and is self-employed since 2004. His main skills starts from building concepts for web-projects over designing and implemanting web-frameworks like TYPO3 or creating frontend templates on HTML / CSS or getting interactivity with Javascript.

3 thoughts on “Include typoscript external file

  1. Christian

    Thanks, very helpful !

    Just a little addition: You can also nest the inclusion of typoscript files. For example you take the filename.ts to include all other typoscript files.

    The advantage in this case you can use the command line to edit the typoscript, instead of using the (slow) typo3 backend. You can also track your changes with a version controll system like git or svn.

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